Wayback Wednesday – Weimar Berlin & Cabaret Reader Submission

A reader sent us an email with some personal information about Weimar-era Berlin and the cabaret clubs. We love the personal details that bring more aliveness to history. She mentioned that retelling their story brings them back to life.

Thank you Rozelle Bentheim!

Editor’s note: The email was edited from it’s original for grammar and to add additional information for clarity.

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Wayback Wednesday – Sixty-eight years of the United Nations

“The Charter of the United Nations which you have just signed is a solid structure upon which we can build a better world. History will honor you for it. Between the victory in Europe and the final victory, in this most destructive of all wars, you have won a victory against war itself. . . . With this Charter the world can begin to look forward to the time when all worthy human beings may be permitted to live decently as free people.” ~Harry S. Truman, President of the United States

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Wayback Wednesday – Wanderlust Pays Off 1926

“In my wildest imagination, I had never thought that the wanderlust of my mother had rubbed off on me. But I soon developed a restlessness that kept me on the go; fortunately for me I was always able to hustle some grub and a place to sleep. I became good at my job, but not wanting to limit myself as a parlour-house professor, I decided to try my luck in cabarets, which today would be considered honky tonks, singing the songs of Uncle Esau’s people, as well as songs I had picked up from the cowboys on the trail, and the parlour-house “blues.” I became an itinerant entertainer, and my wanderings took me all over the country.”

~Gene Austin in his autobiography

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